2017 saw many great albums released and a lot of folks like to tell you the top 10, 20, or 30 ones. While I appreciate those lists just as much as the next fella, I’d like to share with you, not a Top-Whatever list, but a list of the albums you might have missed, forgotten or that I believe didn’t get nearly as much love as I feel they deserve. These albums were all released in 2017 and obviously struck a chord with me. This list is in no particular order other than alphabetical as the list spans a good number of genres and one does not simply compare genres like that, it is folly. So, here we go…

Active Bird Community – Stick Around

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

On their second release, Active Bird Community deliver on a lo-fi percussive up beat album that’ll have you grooving before you know it. This garage Indie rock with a punk/shoegaze twist is coming at you from Brooklyn NY with the best of vibes and good times.

Astronaut Husband – Changeless

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

Changeless is a collection of lo fi mellow tracks imbued with a familiar melancholy. Recorded in a bedroom in Merrill, Wisconsin it carries an intimate listening experience not found on many other records. Though it was only released little over a week ago, this is a very easy album to love.

Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

This was an album I was really excited for. I remember hearing their first EP, I. last year and being immediately hooked. It’s a dream you never want to end. It’s a phenomenal collection of peaceful songs that really highlight Greg Gonzalez’s ability as a songwriter and singer.

Citizen – As You Please

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

Citizen’s fourth album truly embodies the spirit of alternative music. It is jam packed with songs that blend indie rock with a punk flare. The band boasts a good range of tones on this record with songs like In the Middle Of It All which always tricks me into thinking I’ve added a different song to my que.

COIN – How Will You Know If You Never Try

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

In their sophomore album, COIN deliver a fun collection of songs that will get even the most stubborn foot tapping. I have a very particular taste when it comes to pop or indie pop for that matter, but this album delivers all the great hooks with an inspired 80’s feel that’ll get you grooving before you know it.

Daughter – Music From Before The Storm

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

While this technically isn’t an album in the conventional sense, (it’s a soundtrack for a game) it plays very much the same. Daughter takes their atmospheric style to new depths. You almost feel like you’re drowning in sound. I really enjoyed this one, tons of intricate instrumentation and beautiful vocals.

Deal Casino – Deal Casino


Best Indie Albums Of 2017

Deal Casino’s debut album comes after the release of three EP’s. The album feels deliberate in it’s composition, not a wasted note or one out of place. The New Jersey band play a fresh blend of indie rock with a fuzzy garage tone imbued with honesty and sincerity.

The Dig – Bloodshot Tokyo

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

Bloodshot Tokyo features a comfortable foire into the realm of psychedelic indie pop. If you were ever a fan of The Shins or Broken Bells, you might want to check these fellas out. This record plays like a supernova of synth and bass. Guaranteed to be groovy.

Flora Cash – Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine)

Best Indie Albums Of 2017Flora Cash is a particularly interesting case, given that they’re married. After meeting on SoundCloud, the couple began making their unique brand of indie folk back in 2012. If you ever imagined an alternate universe where Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Lana Del Rey started making music, then this is for you!

Heat – Overnight

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

This is one of those records I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. It’s timeless. From the Lou Reed-esque vocals to the chorusy guitar hooks. The entire album screams post punk in the best possible way. Hard to believe it’s just the Montreal rockers second album. It’s a strong release and is well worth a listen.

Hodera – First Things First

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

First Things First is second LP and is one that really builds on their first. It’s got an indie folk core, with a strong emotionally driven conscience. To me, it captures that feeling you get when you’re cleaning your room and start finding old things from a not so distant past; so you start reminiscing in stead of cleaning.

Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

Best Indie Albums Of 2017This one is just good old-fashioned rock and roll. It’s a feel-good record from the Vancouver duo that we all love. I had the opportunity to catch them in Toronto and I’d comfortably put it in my top 5 shows I’ve ever been to. Just a great record to through on that’ll start your day off right.

Kacy Hill – Like A Woman

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

This is a recent find for me. Kacy is a classically trained musician who also was a dancer for none other than Kanye West himself. Now signed to his label, Like A Woman is a phenomenal debut album in the pop sphere. It’s a minimalist album which serves to highlight a wonderful voice.

Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

What more can I say about Leif. He’s one of the best, most captivating performers I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. His sound is one that is equal parts physical and ethereal. It’s a unique feeling, made all the more special given the lack of originality in the industry today. Highly, highly recommend this one to all.

Lina Tullgren – Won

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

Won, Lina Tullgren’s debut album, is a study in shadows. It’s darker tones and eerie vibes are perfectly captured in her voice. This album is sounds like a lonesome midnight in a dark room, artfully crafted and deliberate in it’s execution. Listen if you liked Lomelda’s Thx or were a fan of the band Carissa’s Wierd.

Louise Burns – Young Mopes

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

This one you simply must listen to. Louise Burns’ third album marks her really coming into her own as a musician. The record is packed with 80’s influences, which I absolutely loved. Young Mopes is really, what I believe, to be her best record yet and deserves a listen, especially if you’re a fan of Alvvays.

Modern Chemistry – Everything In Gold

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

Everything In Gold is the New Jersey band’s first full length record. It’s one born from punk but played with indie sensibilities. It’s a diverse album with lots of crescendo’s, high-octane choruses and plenty of mellow moments reflective of their emotive song writing.

Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger In The Alps

Best Indie Albums Of 2017

Phoebe Bridgers delivers probably one of my favourite albums of 2017. She has a truly unique way about this album. It’s clever, sincere, emotional and above all else really well written. Her voice perfectly reflects the tone of this album. Stranger In The Alps is a phenomenal listen all the way through.

Here’s a quick taste of each album: