When I was blossoming in my teenage years I was all about that punk-music scene. Sum 41, blink 182, Good Charlotte were godly in my eyes. Later, I got into some heavier stuff including the likes of Disturbed, A Day to Remember and Silverstein. It’s been a while since I’ve explored anything of the sort. Speaker’s new EP, Murder and Create, sucked me back into the heavy scene.

Speaker, from Toronto, are the definition of heavy. They’re far heavier than any of the bands described above. Their sound is tight and the wicked tempo changes provide a refreshing change from the mainstream music scene. Marc-Anthony Pellegrino, the group’s drummer, sat down with me to answer a few questions. When asked about Speaker’s musical genre Marc-Anthony explained that “we’ve never written our music trying to fit a specific genre, but we’ve been told that we’re metallic hardcore. Our sound is fast, angry and loud”. A perfect description.


Speaker released their third EP just yesterday. Murder and Create features six hard-hitting tunes. Marc-Anthony describes this EP as “a lot darker and heavier sonically and lyrically”. Personally, my favourite track from the album is Conscious Sleep, I’d recommend it as a primer for getting into the band.

Speaker recently returned from a tour on the Canadian East Coast in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The band’s live performance is otherworldly. They bring an unparalleled energy to the stage. If you’re interested in seeing the band, they’re hitting up a few venues across Ontario and Quebec at the end of the month. Check out their tour dates here.


Here is the full interview Marc-Anthony if you’re looking to learn a little more about the band behind the music:

Q: How did the band form?

A: I (Marc-Anthony) knew Liam, our vocalist from our previous band. Liam went to high school with guitarist Matt Flanagan so we decided to start fresh with Speaker. Our new bassist, Adam Rice recently joined the band a little over a month ago.

Q: A lot of our readers come from an alternative indie background, how would you describe your sound? What genre would Speaker fit into?

A: We’ve never written our music trying to fit a specific genre but we’ve been told that we’re metallic hardcore. Our sound is fast, angry and loud.

Q: How did you come up with the name ‘Speaker’?

A: We just kept spitting name ideas for months and one day, in my basement, I just said the word Speaker out loud and it stuck.

Q: What differentiates the EP Murder and Create from the work you’ve done in the past? How has Speaker evolved as a band?

A: Murder and Create is a lot darker and heavier sonically and lyrically. Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats joined the writing process for this EP and was very hands on with all aspects of writing and recording. We wanted to be faster, heavier and bigger than before, he helped us get there. We’ve evolved as people and musicians throughout the years, so with Scott’s help, we were able to create an album that best represents where we are in our lives and musical career.

Q: What is Speaker’s music writing process? Is it a collaborative effort?

A: We always write as a unit off the floor, everything needs to feel right before we move forward with a song. If we know it can sound energetic and exciting in our jam space then translating that live is all the more fun.

Q: How was the latest tour (where did you go)? Where can we get the chance to see Speaker live in the future?

A: This past summer we got to tour the west coast of Canada (MB, SK, AB and BC) as well as the East Coast with Cold Shoulder (NB and NS). Both tours were incredibly fun and successful, it’s amazing to be able to travel, play our music and create unforgettable connections with strangers from across the country. We have an Ontario/Quebec run with our friends in Die Hexe at the end of November to promote Murder and Create.

Q: Can we expect a full-length album in the near future from Speaker?

A: A full-length isn’t in the works for the near future, right now we’re focusing on playing as many new places with the new album.

Q: What are the future plans for Speaker since releasing Murder and Create?

A: We plan on touring as much as possible with Murder and Create. When the time is right, we’ll start writing new music.

Check out Murder and Create today on Spotify and remember to stay loud!