Hey readers, did you miss me? Well consider me fresh out of vacation days, and back to the post-labour (with a U) day grind.

Just like many of you, come the first fall breeze I’m busting out scarves, boots, and pensive music to watch the leafs fall and wither. Every autumn I listen to the complete discography of The Killers – and probably will again this year – but the past year has brought us some great music so until September 22nd strikes and fall is official, let’s find some comfortable socks, and give something new a listen.

Whether you’re looking for some pensive soul (Andra Day) to get in your feelings with, a bit of alternative edge to get you back in routine (the Zolas), or a splash of pop to get you up in the morning (Kacey Musgrave), I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll find reviews, suggestions, and unsolicited music advice right here with us.

After today, many of you will go back to real life, no more beach days or spontaneous Tuesday night parties, (unless you’re going back to University – then disregard). You may even need something to help you come to terms with losing (some of) your day drinking privileges, and there’s an album here to help us all make that gruesome transition.


Now easily, my favorite Arcade Fire song is Wake Up (obviously) but on July 28th of this year, the Canadian band gave us Everything Now – an album as inspiring and motivational as it is Dancy™. It is every bit the foot-tapping and hip-shaking music you can expect from these great northerners, and further is everything you’ll need to get you back to reality. The album is fresh, and guaranteed to get your feet moving come those early mornings; it made a funky summer to fall album.

This album covers indie rock (Put Your Money On Me), with hints of country (Infinite Content), pop (Peter Pan), and even pays homage to old alternative pop (Everything Now). The album is a familiar hello/good morning before a year of uncertainty, let it envelope you… then get out of bed and go change the world. Happy back-to-wherever-you-are!!!