What’s this? Another happy band? Music that makes you want to actually get out of bed and dance around, rather than hide under the covers? I’ve come a long way from my melancholic roots. Who knows maybe I’m becoming more human…. That’s probably not it.

Anyways, COIN is the American indie pop band you need to wrap your little ear holes around. Consisting of Chase Lawrance (Lead Vocals & Syns), Ryan Winnen (Drums), Joe Memmel (Lead Guitar) and Zachary Dyke (Bass Guitar), the band formed in 2012 and hail from Nashville, Tennessee.


Their sound can be best described as extremely easy to listen to indie pop with a few handfuls of alternative rock thrown in for good measure. Impossible not to sing along to, even before the end of your first listen, you’ll never be so glad to have a song stuck in your brain.

The first track that I heard from these guys was Run back in 2015, which is also the track that launched them into the mainstream. Combining catchy pop with stylish indie instrumentation brought through by earworm lead guitar riffs and excellently timed synth accents, you’ll have no problem seeing why this song got them attention.


Though Run was the highlight of their debut self-titled album, I recommend giving the whole things a listen because there are few gems throughout. Their newest album, How Will You Know if You Never Try, came out this year and is an all around improvement on from the debut.


With songs like Talk Too Much and I Don’t Dance upping the ante in terms of catchiness and sheer joy factor, you’ll be singing along before too long. Additionally, tracks like Hannah and Malibu 19—deliver an extra layer of depth to the album. A master class in combining passionate lyricism with upbeat tone and instrumentation, this album is sure to put a smile on your face more than a couple of times.