If you haven’t seen Edgar Wright’s latest movie, Baby Driver, then do yourself a favour and watch it, then watch it again.

What are you still doing here, find a showing near you now!

If you have seen it you’d have some idea of the connection Wright draws between action and music. The lead character, like so many of us today, goes through life with his headphones in. His every move dictated by the soundtrack, all while synchronizing with the natural flow of the city, the road, or the people around. Whatever the situation, “Baby” has the perfect song.


Similarly, the sound track manages to sync with some inherent rhythm found in us as humans. You can’t help but groove along to the jazzy musings of The Dave Brubeck Quartet or feel the soul in tracks like “Easy” by The Commodores. While being one of the more diverse soundtracks it remains one of the most unified. With not a note out of place, this one is sure to liven up any drive. Especially when you open with a killer track like “Bellbottoms” by The John Spencer Blues Explosion, a track I believe really typifies the collection.


Get ready to ride!