If you’re a fan of artists like Sigur Rós, Godspeed You Black Emperor or Balmorhea, this band will be a new favourite for you. They blend classical instruments with electronic effects masterfully and though their discography is extensive there isn’t a bad record in sight. They have a real ear for well-crafted music and whether you are an active or passive listener, this music will fit into your playlist.

Hammock is a project fronted by Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson that began way back in 2003. They’ve released seven albums so far and have announced the eight, Mysterium, is to be released on August 25th. Have a listen to the title track below.

Often times the voice of the instruments go unnoticed and are almost always overshadowed by human vocals in the eye of the passive listener. This allows bad music to hide behind catchy singing and beautiful voices. Where post-rock is concerned, there is nowhere for the music to hide, and in the case of Hammock, the music isn’t trying to. Every melody and rhythm is carefully considered and plays a significant role in how the music is heard. This connects the listener much more intimately with the rhythm of the music and it is this particular quality that sets their music apart from other bands. There is a deep connection that everyone feels with music, and though some people are negligent to this, even they cannot deny the way this sound cuts through all the noise. It is as vast as it is personal. It’s music in constant bloom.