Fresh out of NYC, The Dig are one of the grooviest new indie bands on the scene. You can catch them live at the Horseshoe Tavern on September 13 but until then you can read about them right here. Though you might be just hearing about them for the first time, The Dig are no rookies. Their first album was released way back in 2012. They followed it up with steady releases in the subsequent years, culminating in Bloodshot Tokyo their latest album released earlier this year and they’ve been picking up speed ever since.


If you’re a fan of Broken Bells or even Young The Giant, you should give these folks a good listen. Bloodshot Tokyo runs on spacey vibes with high melodies and fuzzy licks. It’s jam packed with great songs like Bleeding Heart (You Are The One) that reminds me of old school rockers Electric Light Orchestra. And that’s something that really struck me with this album. It’s new but plays with an inescapable familiarity. It’s the perfect blend of established musical tropes and modern song writing.

Start groovin’ below;