As with most people, the first thing that I thought when I heard Rhye for the first times was, wow that woman has an amazing voice. It wasn’t until I set out to learn more about the group that I came to realize who was singing.


Rhye is an electronic pop duo based out of L.A made up of Torontonian musician and vocalist Micheal Milosh and Danish producer and collaborator Robin Hannibal. That’s right that docile, seemingly feminine, voice that takes center stage in Rhye’s music comes from a man. No one could be blamed for the confusion, however. Along with the easily mistakable vocals, Rhye’s early foray into the scene music was shaded in mystery. Even though Milosh and Hannibal have made a name for themselves previously working on solo projects and other collaborations, their first releases under the moniker Rhye were mainly anonymous. The tracks “Open” and “The Fall”, were released in 2012 with little detail about the band’s identity. It wasn’t until the release of their debut record Woman in 2013 that people discovered its was Milosh and Hannibal behind the music.


Woman is an incredibly sensual record. An open dive into smooth electronic soul and jazz, the record ranges from calming compositions (see Open or 3 Days) that play like classical synthetic arrangements to slightly funky R&B tracks (see Last Dance and Hunger) that will get you on your feet. Lyrically, Rhye’s music is an intimate seduction. Sex, love, and devotion are at the heart of each song. These vocations are only intensified by Milosh’s hushed vocals, that makes each track feel incredibly personal; like he’s whispering in your ear. The most impressive element of this collaboration is how balanced the vocals and the music are. The music, purposeful though never overbearing, perfectly frames Milosh’s voice. The result is this beautifully contained record that pushes expectations of what an indie album can be.

If you’re only getting into Rhye for the first time take a listen to their track The Fall and experience the accompanying video below.

In 2017, Rhye has released two new singles Please and Summer Days. Both tracks reflect a side of their sound, with Please giving us their stormy melancholy and Summer Days an upbeat track you can step to. Both, however, feature their unique blend of soft electronic R&B and gender defying honey dripped vocals.