Back in January a Montréal based rock outfit going by the name of Heat released their second record. It was one of those albums that I immediately clicked with. The album pulls from post-punk, new wave and even some shoegaze influences. The album is an absolute pleasure to listen to from start to finish.

Despite running only 36 minutes the album satisfies. It doesn’t have any excess sound or fanfare. It’s a solid record that you’ll play over and over again. Heat delivers nine tracks full of hazy melodies, infectious beats and the lush vocals of Susil Sharma. The overall tone of the record really captures and celebrates the band’s influences while not really relying on them at all. Even if you’ve never heard the likes of Lou Reed, The Cure or have absolutely no idea what shoegaze music is, you can still appreciate Heat.


So if you’re lucky enough to be heading over to Montréal for Osheaga, be sure to check them out, they play the Saturday at 1:30.

But in the mean time, listen from afar: