Earlier this year Aussie Mark Zito released an album that has found its way into my ears regularly. For roughly five years he’s been operating under the name Fractures releasing beautifully ambient electronic music perfect for midnight walks or bike rides. Earlier this week, he released a gripping music video for his single, Time Frame.

Both the song and video are typical of his work. His music is both haunting and comforting. He captures all the beautiful dark corners of our imagination and brings them to the surface. His most distinguishing characteristic would be his vocals. Following in a similar vein as Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Volcano Choir fame, Mark Zito contrasts his voice with heavy drum lines.

His latest album, Still Here, varies little from his self-titled debut, but it really exemplifies him finding a sound that is truly his own and highlights his ability to push songs to their fullest without over producing. Still Here is more musically complex than Fractures but retains much of the isolated instrumentations that really attracted me to his work.


Find your next late night playlist below: