Years back I watched a movie titled I Am Not A Hipster (irony noted). It was released in 2012 centering around a young musician/substitute teacher in San Diego as he deals with his mother’s death, a shaky relationship with his father, his ex’s new boyfriend, and notoriety he can’t escape. It was a sweet movie that really came alive through the soundtrack, as performed by lead actor Dominic Bogart. The songs come written by Joel P. West who’s work you may have heard on the critically acclaimed Short Term 12 and will hear on the upcoming movie The Glass Castle.


The studio for I Am Not A Hipster ended up releasing the fictional album from the movie, the project’s name and songs reflecting that world. Canines first and only LP features 10 melancholic folk songs that are sure to hit you right in the feels. While you don’t need to watch the movie to feel the songs, it certainly helps to contextualize the pain found in each track. In either case, what was most prevalent to me in each song is the way Joel P. West plays with the pace and atmosphere. The sound and theme of isolation features heavily across the album but that’s not to say the songs are entirely minimalist, it comes in waves (pun intended). There is a high tide and a low tide, points where the sound crashes against you and points where it carries you out into vast open spaces.

Introduce yourself below: