A few years ago, I found myself at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. I was there with my brother and we were agog as we waited for the headliner; one of my favorite Canadian rock bands in The Trews. We rolled in early to ensure we wouldn’t miss any of the show. We shuffled to the midpoint of the floor and the opener then hit the stage. Sometimes it’s a bit of a hit or miss situation with an opener you’ve never heard of. In this instance, it was a hit: It was The Glorious Sons.

The Glorious Sons are a Canadian rock band that formed in 2011 out of Kingston, Ontario. The five-piece group consists of lead vocalist, keyboardist, and harmonica player Brett Emmons, guitarist Jay Emmons, guitarist Chris Koster, Chris Huot on the bass and Adam Paquette bringing it all together on the drums.

It was made immediately obvious why they were opening for The Trews. The two bands have some similarities in their sound, but by no means are The Glorious Sons an exact replica of The Trews. In the simplest of terms, The Glorious Sons are a straight-up rock band. They perform with sheer energy and have formidable tempo changes – songs like Shapeless Art and Caroline are perfect illustrations of this.


At the time of the show, The Glorious Sons had only released one seven-song EP titled Shapeless Art. The moment I became hooked was the moment they played the title track from this EP. It starts off slow, almost ballad-like, with one electric guitar, a steady bass drum and Brett Emmons’ raspy, yet soothing, voice. The song builds into so much more, only to bring you back to where it all began. Slow verses that transition into a chorus that leaves you wanting more (I particularly love the background vocals). This is one tune you’re going to love singing along too. Not a particularly uplifting song – at least lyrically wise – but one I would recommend to anybody who enjoys a great rock anthem.

The Glorious Sons released their first full-length album, The Union, in 2014. It includes a couple of numbers from their original EP including White Noise and Mama. As mentioned earlier, I think the first EP is an excellent primer for getting into the band, but I’m sure it’ll leave you wanting more. That’s where The Union comes in. An excellent album top-to-bottom, this record is one that just makes you feel something inside. Isn’t that what music is all about? I recommend checking Lightning and Amigo. Unless you’re buried beneath the ground, those songs are bound to bring up some feelings inside you.

The Glorious Sons are currently working on a new album that is expected to release very soon – hopefully sometime this summer. In January of 2017, they released a single for their new album called Kill The Lights, so they’re due for another single release sometime soon. If Kill The Lights is any indication of what’s to come, then this record is bound to be a great follow-up to The Union.


The Glorious Sons have a bunch of shows across Canada this summer leading into the fall. Do not pass up the chance to see these guys live. The Glorious Sons are the real deal.