From the Killers to Panic! at the Disco, Las Vegas has given us alternative bands that showcase contrast of dark and light with a resistance that can only be found in Sin City. But whether you’re sinner or saint, you have to believe in Imagine Dragons, the band that can give us peace and danger and serenity, and preach peace and love and hope on social media. Last night, Imagine Dragons released Evolve, their third studio album, and it’s something else entirely.

While their previous album was a little darker and rockier, Evolve comes at a time where we could use the lighter side of the Vegas natives. While an argument can be made that the singles Imagine Dragons released are the most reminiscent of their previous album Smoke + Mirrors (2015) such as Believer, Thunder, Walking the Wire and Whatever it Takes – the other half of the album segues nicely to the new era of the band.


Split between past and present, light and dark, Imagine Dragons follow in the footsteps of their Vegas predecessors. The band’s incredulous ability to write songs that make us want to belt the lyrics out the window (Rise Up, Mouth of a River) while confronting all obstacles, they also have a knack for creating music that even at its lightest or poppiest still touches on the foundation of alternative music (Yesterday, Start Over, Dancing in the Dark). Resistance, fortitude, passion – this band is one of my favorites – and reminds us that alternative music is about authenticity; the authenticity of growth, pain, change, joy, desire, fire.

Take a road trip with this album, let it take you somewhere authentic.

Don’t miss Imagine Dragons on tour, hitting Toronto July 29th at Wayhome, andBuffalo November 1st with Grouplove and K.Flay.