This band has been a staple in my listening since the beginning of the year. Formed in El Paso by Greg Gonzalez, the band has since released an EP, several singles and just released their first full-length earlier this month. Their first EP, I. being released in 2012 featured what I believe to be the breakthrough track, Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby.

Their debut LP, Cigarettes After Sex, expands on the sound found on I. with a more polished production. And as much as I loved the lo-fi sound on the EP, I really believe this was the right move for the band. Each track on the album is tightly woven in with the overall themes and vibe. It plays like an empty alley at 2am through a light rain or fog. Gonzalez reflects this perfectly in his lyrics which capture an ethereal sadness you can’t help but fall in love with.


The strong imagery in the music really sets Cigarettes After Sex apart. It’s classic poetry with a beautiful soundtrack;