What I love most about soul music is that it’s undeniable. When you hear it you know it’s power and you feel it from the first note to the last. It’s contagious. You can’t help but recognize it and let it move you. In this, St. Paul & The Broken Bones are no amateurs. Their sound is both old and new. Classical instruments putting a new riff on an old line.


The six-piece Alabama band have released two full-lengths, the latest being in September of last year. Both albums center around a strong brass sound from trumpets and trombones to baritone saxophones in combination with guitars, bass, and drums. The band shows immense skill on both records bringing together so many instruments all while ensuring the sound doesn’t get cluttered and crafting breathable melodies. What really sets St. Paul & The Broken Bones apart would have to be their vocalist Paul Janeway. Few vocalists can sing with as much grace and power that Paul does. It’s the soul in his voice that just pulls you right into each track from the first word.

Introduce yourself below: