There are few bands that have made such a splash in the indie music scene in their first few years as The Dirty Nil. If you’re looking for a group that takes its self-loathing impurity and transforms it into a raw nerve of rock n’ roll energy, then look no further.


The Hamilton-based alternative rock group is comprised of Luke Bentham (Guitar/Vocals), Kyle Fisher (Drums) and Ross Miller (Bass/Vocals). Since forming in 2010, they’ve released several singles and EPs, following with their debut full-length album Higher Power. After its release the band’s momentum accelerated, gaining critical praise and accompanying groups like Alexisonfire, Billy Talent and Monster Truck on global tours. They also took home the Juno for Breakthrough Group of the Year in 2017 for their efforts.


The album plays like a fever dream; fast, tense and explosive. With massive hooks and surprisingly self-aware and deprecating lyricism, there is immense passion in each track. Songs like Wrestle Yu To Husker Du and Violent Hands have clear inspiration from classic and modern rock but provide a unique punk-rock tone reminiscent of Dilly Dally or PUP. Though the group doesn’t describe them self as punk, it’s difficult not to see the connection, especially in songs like Zombie Eyed. What I appreciate most about this album is how contained each track is. Nothing feels out of place, overused or unnecessary. Each track is short but gets right to the point creating an active listening experience.

Throughout the summer the Dirty Nil are touring Ontario with stops in Waterloo, Toronto’s Lee’s Palace, and both Wayhome Music Festival and Elora’s Riverfest. Get your tickets here.


The group has recently released a Minimum R&B contain recordings from their myriad of early singles, and if you are just getting into these guys for the first time it’s a great place to start.