I still remember the first time I heard Goodnight Texas. Sunken in an armchair in a coffee house, thinking dear god what is that sound. I was immediately captivated by the sincerity I heard in their music. The band has released two LPs the latest being in 2014, so it has been a while. But they’re always performing, and have even made their way up to playing the national anthem at a San Francisco Giants game back in April.

Though named for the geographical midpoint between the two songwriters, they are based out of San Francisco. Their sound has been described as Americana, Folk, or even Country, but for me, it’s always been pure poetry. Each song comes jam packed with beautiful melodies and perfect harmonies, telling tales of heartbreak and hard times.


I wanted to pay close attention to their second release, Uncle John Farquhar. The record is based on stories and letters from their family archives. It’s a classic example of how some things never change. It plays like an old photo album, telling old tales of old people, but reflecting a level of youthful sentiments. Though it’s almost three years old I feel like it hasn’t aged a day. Reason being that there is something magical weaved into every song that makes it feel like you are face to face with the song as it tells its story. A timeless creation and necessary addition to any music lovers collection.