This week, I had planned to write on singles that have passed their 15 minutes and made an impact on music, however, it has been a tough week for music lovers and maybe that article can wait. This week, let’s look at some singles that work well, but sound even better stripped down to their pure music and lyrical beauty.

I’d like to address the because of this week’s attack on people who find solace in music – the Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert, and while I won’t go into the depth of what happened, we at Indieinterluded want to send our love and prayers to the people of Manchester, Ariana, and her team.

Further, because as a music lover – despite favorite genres – I support all musicians and styles alike, and want to highlight Ariana as a talented artist with some powerful songs. So here is her song One Last Time, which is beautifully written musically and lyrically both in the original and stripped down version.

Halsey recently released a stripped version of her new song Eyes Closed that gave a bit simpler of a sound to a song that’s already been discussed here as incredible. Just her, a guitar, and a little bit behind her, the alternative rocker is essentially a one-woman show. She makes the song a little dimmer by stripping it down and permits the lyrics to shine through beautifully.

Lastly, Leif Vollebekk performs a stripped down cover of the Killers’ song Read My Mind that is easily put – iconic. It is one of my personal favorite songs because it takes a message that the Killers wrote, and brings it forward beyond the sound machines and kettle drums, and clarifies what the song is about.

These singles all shine as they are, however, stripped down they tell the stories and provide something deeper that runs across all genres. Alternative, pop, rock, all have similar stories, love, lust, want, desperation – these feelings transgress genres, as does talent. So here are some songs that strip down the show to the message of love which we could all take a moment to remember and appreciate. I hope these renditions offer a slice of the peace of mind that music lovers are particularly fortunate to experience, and I hope you never let anyone or anything rob it from you.