Jacob Banks is an up and coming artist that you simply must hear. The young Brit started playing music and singing at 20 in and around Birmingham. I can’t think of any other way to describe his sound than soul-gripping. Banks has a voice that just pulls you in the second you hear it. He currently has three EPs out, with the latest, The Boy Who Cried Freedom, coming last month.


His latest release is a gripping and immersive experience. Banks blends modern and classic styles across the EP. With a healthy dose of electric guitar and electronic backing, he has built a new ship with old tools. Simply put, this EP is nothing short of brilliance.

Take a track like Chainsmoking, it relies heavily on electronic sampling and effects but is actually taken from the same vein as classic R&B tunes. The key to his infectious sound is not found in the notes he plays, but in those he doesn’t. Good music needs room to breathe, for each instrument, each voice to reach their potential.


Tracks like Mercy and Unholy War really exemplify this. Every note you hear, every word sung, is in the foreground, where you can feel it. It is this brave and uncompromising nature of the songs that really sets him apart from his peers.

Art has become increasingly more political in light of recent events. From the title of this EP to heartfelt retrospectives like Photograph, every part of this release has immense power and meaning. Videos for both Unholy War and Chainsmoking follow this theme of empowerment.

But the video that got me hooked on his sound is a video for a song from his previous EP.

Introduce yourself below: