Life is often the subject of many bands, but few capture it the way Big Lonely does. The band plays a fresh blend of surf and indie rock that really captures the feelings you get when reminiscing.


Their debut album Close Your Eyes, Keep Talking is a phenomenally strong debut, really showcasing the band’s abilities as songwriters and musicians. The album sounds familiar yet unique. I picked up tones like those of Hollerado, Arkells, and even a little bit of early Arctic Monkeys. Big Lonely specialize in that happy/sad vibe that bands like The Cure popularized. For example, a song like Tapes combs over familial relationships with both a regretful and hopeful tone.


They’re latest release is a single titled Dreamboat. They released it on YouTube where they have a handful of really cool music videos. The single shows the band really honing in on a sound and making it their own. There’s always new music in the mix with young bands like this so keep your ear to the ground and eyes on our blog for the latest, but in the mean time…

Goody Two Shoes is another song I really liked but is not on Spotify so check out their YouTube page.