Alternative star Kristine Flaherty has been releasing music since 2008, and today goes by stage name K Flay.

Her newest album Every Where Is Some Where was released April 7th 2017, and she hasn’t stopped there. Her pre-released EP that featured Blood in the Cut can be found on xXx Return of Xander Cage and is playing on at least 5 indie station at any given time. The Illinois native will also be a special guest on Imagine Dragons’ Evolve Tour.


Her newest album comes after she had signed to Night Street Records (of Interscope Records) last august and it’s all pretty incredible. Bringing a little bit of every genre paired with some dark and twisty, K Flay is Halsey-esque with a pinch of salt and pepper lyrically.

Starting with the first single from the album, High Enough is a pure banger,

Don’t try to give me cold water

I don’t wanna sober up

All I see are tomorrows

Oh, the stars were made for us

and songs like Champagne

So I poured it in a cup,

Drank it up

I got the devil in my head

But angels swimming in my blood

and Mean It

So when I say I love you I want to mean it

Cause I say a lot of things that I don’t mean

And when I say I want to I want to mean it

Cause I know not to say yes to just anything

And those are just a few, from Hollywood Forever to Slow March (an honorary nod to The President Has a Sex Tape) the whole album encapsulates an artist who resembles the resistance artists have begun to hold against the boundaries and limits of their genres.

K Flay is not just  lyrically hip-hop and musically alternative, she also leans on some traditional new pop music in her stylings, and lends herself to different genres to curate a sound specific to her as an artist – this curation has taken a few albums, and some major work, but it’s well worth it. The album is all over the map of genres but somehow still cohesive, self-assured, and incredible.


This album comes at a time when artists like Lana Del Ray and Halsey have become notorious for pushing their work beyond the gendered norms and giving real music both lyrically and instrumentally. Here’s to hoping K. Flay can join the ranks with these chart toppers, and bring some hip hop to the alternative and indie scene in the same way Lana has brought old pop.

If you’re looking for a summer tune to add to your playlist, treat yourself with a K Flay throwback Can’t Sleep.