X Ambassadors released a single on April 27 Torches. With a cool tempered alternative sound and some incredible falsettos, we’re here for it.

Bring on your bows and arrows

Bring on your plagues and pharaohs

Cause if you get lost in the shadows

There’s a fire inside you

And you know that I’ll find you

It’s the same tortured and stormy lyrics that we expect to come from the band, but the growth from their last album is ever clear in the music, a slight homage to their last album (see: Unsteady) with some harder beats and stronger vocals. The alternative rockers also released their single, Hoping which is a little more of a ballad than expected, but still beautiful, with some iconic messages intertwined.

Keep on hoping (keep on hoping)

When it all feels broken

Got to keep your hope alive

Can’t wait to see what’s coming for the band, when it comes, I’m sure you’ll find the review here.

A few years ago, X Ambassadors opened in Toronto for my personal favorite band, Imagine Dragons who also recently released three epic singles, for which a new video was released just this week, Believer which had a video released in March, Thunder, and most recently Whatever It Takes.

Believer came as the first single to be released for the newest Imagine Dragons album Thunder, set to be released soon. While the video packs a literal punch, the lyrics do too,

Singing from heartache from the pain

Take up my message from the veins

Speaking my lesson from the brain

Seeing the beauty through the –

You made me a, you made me a believer, believer

The lyrics are as powerful as they are imaginative, exactly what we love about the band. I’ve personally seen them in concert twice, and have always been awe-struck by their grateful disposition, and incredible talent – if you get the chance to see them you won’t regret a moment.

They most recently released another single Thunder, which while also powerful and brilliant, they’re also affirmative, unlike some of the band’s work that we’re used to which is a little more self-deprecating, and storm stirring.

Not a yes sir, not a follower

Fit the box, fit the mold

Have a seat in the foyer, take a number

I was lightning before the thunder

The video for this song is as iconic as expected – but beautiful nonetheless.

While the first two singles from the new album Evolve packs a powerful voice, an ‘I’m here and ready to fight’, Whatever It Takes comes still affirmative lyrically, the music of the song is a little more vulnerable than we’ve seen, and it’s a true testament to the band’s capability.

Out of the box

An epoxy to the world and the vision we’ve lost

I’m an apostrophe

I’m just a symbol to remind you that there’s more to see

I’m just a product of the system, a catastrophe

And yet a masterpiece

While I’m still a little bitter that the Vegas band has opted out of a proper Toronto show, here’s to Evolve and hoping the rest of them kill like these do.

Let us know what you think of the singles, and feel free to submit to us any singles you want us to cover!!