So rarely do pop artists explore the darker side of life, but Matt Maeson’s debut EP Who Killed Matt Maeson accomplishes just that. Each song has the rhythm and vibe of a hit single as well as a depth and self-reflective quality that is so deeply personal I almost feel like I shouldn’t be listening to it.


Matt’s upbringing was anything but conventional. Both his parents were musicians who played in religious heavy-metal bands. At a young age, Matt toured with his parents playing prisons and biker rallies. Years later, Matt launches his own musical career. The six-song EP is wrapped in vulnerability and passion. He pairs acoustic riffs with electronic beats and a soulful voice. Think early X Ambassadors meets Imagine Dragons. The passion in his voice adds realism to the songs, forcing you to really pay attention to each word. He has made two music videos for his songs Cringe and Straight Razor, the former being the most popular with over 3 million plays on Spottily. Both videos rely heavily on religious imagery with Matt playing the main character. Like in his songs, Matt spends the videos confronting himself, what he’s done, who he’s become and where he is from. His music is heavily reflective and that’s one of my favorite things about him.


Introduce yourself below:

Optimal listening instructions: At night. Alone.