At String Fling 2017, Fast Romantics gave us a taste of what’s to come when they played a few new tunes from their upcoming album American Love and let me tell you, these appetizers were delicious. Now that the main course has been served up, American Love has got to be one of the greatest albums of the year so far.

Undeniably a love album, American Love is more than just a collection of love songs. Exploring politically motivated themes that revolve around individualism as well as coming-togetherness, American Love shines a light on what has been a rather dark and ominous 2016 leading into the new year.


I’d say it’s safe to assume that Fast Romantics are paying homage to one of the greatest rockstars of all time in Bruce Springsteen with songs like American Love and Why We Fight. Beyond their admiration for past rockers, however, Why We Fight is a political song that was released on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration in the U.S. This tune tells us that, regardless of the political state of a nation, there are always reasons to fight. We need to come together in these tough times and continue to battle for what we believe in. Do not give up on humanity just yet!

7 songs deep into the album and you’ll find yourself at Julia, the gem of this record. A pop song that features a downright catchy chorus, Julia won the 2016 SOCAN Songwriting Prize which was voted the best song by emerging artists over the past year. The simplicity and melodic nature of this tune are the reasons for its success.


Overall, American Love is a marvelous album top to bottom. If you’re into love songs – and I’m not talking about your typical sappy love song, I’m talking meaningful, politically motivated love songs with a hard rockin’ punch – then this is the album for you.