Self-described as garage-pop, the indie group K.I.D is comprised of Kara Lane and Bobby Lo. Former high school classmates who enjoyed skipping class to play music and smoke, the two began to spread their unique sound around Toronto playing at various open mics in the early 2010s.

In May of 2014, they released their self-titled debut EP with Virgin Records. Their first single from the EP “I Wish I Was Your Cigarette”, a song about cravings and desire, enjoyed decent airtime during its release. They went on to release a few singles since, like “Errors” in 2015.


Their emotionally poignant lyricism mixed with attitude-heavy and modern alternative rock influenced instrumentation beckons to groups like Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or early Artic Monkeys. Lyricist Bobby Lo found his voice writing about his teenaged experience ranging from sexual frustration and acne to nihilism and clinical depression. Give “Errors” a listen for a complete encompassing of these themes.

K.I.D’s sound doesn’t push any boundaries, but the point is that they’re not trying to. You would be hard-pressed to find another group as authentic as K.I.D. Their songs are honest and relatable; they don’t shy away from showing the world their open wounds. It makes for an incredibly investing listening experience, you believe what you’re hearing and you want to know how it resolves.

K.I.D’s lasted release, their 2017 EP “Poster Child”, is even more revealing than their previous release. It’s only four tracks, but they don’t skip on the honest emotional distress they’re known for. It’s simple but poignant. The EP also includes their newest single “Taker”, which can be recognized for its incredibly catchy, yet haunting, chorus.


If you need a break from groups that are all surface and no substance, give K.I.D a chance and hear their passion come through on every track. Get introduced below.