Deal Casino have been paying their dues around the US since 2013. The New Jersey-based band have released EP’s yearly since 2014. Deal Casino features vocalist Joe Parella, guitarist Jozii Cowell, Jon Rodney on bass and Christopher Donofrio on the drums.


The band captures the essence of indie rock in each of their three EP’s but in very different ways.  Heck (2014) is probably my favourite of their releases. It features songs just oozing with a youthful recklessness that is intoxicating. The third track, Downtown, serving as the thematic center of the release. In 2015, they released Nika, which picks up right where Heck left off. Tracks like Halley and Bare Hands bridge the gap between indie pop and indie rock.

This past December Deal Casino released a three song EP, Human Cannonball. Their latest highlights the band’s narrowing focus and finding a sound that is really unique to them. The title track is one that really stood out to me as a more mature song than those on their previous releases. If their release pattern continues I’d look forward to hearing some new stuff soon. But in the meantime…

Introduce yourself below:

Optimal listening instructions: Anytime, anywhere. Just make sure its loud!