I first came across Luca Fogale while attending Canadian Music Week, on the first of May in 2015. He was playing The Dakota Tavern early on in the week. As I’m sure many of you do, when I go to shows I research everyone playing, that night in May being the exception. So it was a rare case where the first time I heard an artist it was in person.

I was a fan the second I heard him. It’s much harder to make it as a singer-songwriter than many people think. As a genre, it places higher demands on the musician. You have to have technical skill songwriting skills, both in terms of music and lyrics, as well as a unique voice. To be a poet, a composer, and a singer. Luca does it all.

His first EP, Paths, was released in 2013 and last year he released his first full-length, Safety. The album diversifies the acoustic-centric sound he is known for, adding light percussion, piano, and effects driven guitar lines.


His songs have much of the same effects of novels and movies. They transport you. Each song has a deep human connection and characters that we can all relate to. He pulls you into his world with every word he sings.

Currently, Luca, alongside fellow British Columbian Eric Brunt, is trying to make his first music video for his song Bluebird. They are in the running to receive funding from Storyhive, pending the tally of a vote.

Should you find it within your capacity, you may vote HERE

Introduce yourself below:

Optimal Listening Instructions: In nature, at sunset.