It was only last week that I stumbled upon Jules Hale’s project Den-Mate. Last week she released Entropii with Babe City Records. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Bjork, Entropii consists of four dreamy synth-based tracks including the single Fall. Each track is masterfully produced and possess an inescapable pulse.


Entropii is not all that’s out there from Den-Mate. Back in 2013, Hale released a self-titled full-length album. The album plays with a similar sound but in a more diverse manner, featuring less processed instruments like guitars and acoustic drums as well as some feedback at times. In 2016 she signed to Babe City Records, who have since re-released her previous recordings. Her latest release is evidence of her focusing her sound, creating a more unified work.

Hale was just 19 at the time of her first release, a fact that still surprises me considering that the album was self-released. To date, she shows remarkable skills as a writer and producer of music and I can’t wait to hear what she does next.


Introduce yourself below:

Optimal Listening Instructions: At Midnight, by yourself.