Comprised of vocalist Jasmyn Bukes, guitarist Morgan Waters, bassist Zach Bines and drummer Spencer Cole this wonderfully weird alternative pop/rock group from Toronto pushes the limits of conventional music boundaries. Defining this group isn’t easy. They will start by making you question all you know about normal songwriting and then pull you into their genre-blended creations. They won’t let you go easy, but that’s fine because you won’t want to leave.

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Their first self-titled EP is like a raw nerve. It is pure energy and creativity mashed together. From the first to last track, the most striking element is their originality. They were praised for their work and the album put them on several radars, including nods from Noisey, NME, and Rolling Stone.


 The band’s debut LP has been in the works since the group first formed and their patience with the record can be heard throughout. Weaves don’t lose any of their trademark originality, then even go further to personalize their art-rock sound. The rock influences are clear on several of the tracks; heavy drums and catchy guitar riffs permeate the songs and support Jasmyn Burkes beautifully disorienting vocals. This record defines Weaves sound; they leave no rock unturned in terms of musical possibilities. The record plays as an experimental dive into indie rock, while maintaining a consistent confidence and drive throughout.


Weaves are playing Lee’s Palace April 22nd, and will then be playing Hamilton’s The Casbah the 23rd. Be sure to check out this wonderfully different group.