Avant-Garde and Defying Genre

I first heard Benjamin Clementine when a friend of mine sent me his song I Won’t Complain. I was captivated by the way his voice sounded. It was like nothing I ever listened to so naturally I had to delve deeper into his work. The next song I heard was London. This song convinced me. You feel the groove immediately and once the chorus hits, you fall right into the song.


He sounds like the ocean. He has low tides and high tides. Moments where the sound flows around you peacefully and moments where you are drowning in the absolute strength of his voice.

Photo_of_Benjamin_Clementine3Clementine ‘s story is just as captivating as his music. Homeless, he moved to Paris at 19 where he busked and eventually began playing hotels and bars, all while sleeping in the streets. He spent four years on the streets and in hostels before being picked up by a label in 2012.

He would go on to release EPs, Cornerstone, in 2013 and Glorious You, in 2014. At Least For Now, his first full-length LP was released in 2015 and went gold in France. Most recently, you may have heard him on the new Gorillaz track Hallelujah Money a single from their upcoming release Humanz.


His sound is so unique I found it hard to pinpoint a genre for his music. I firmly believe that to appreciate his music you need not be a fan of any specific genre but to be human is enough. Pure passion can be heard behind each lyric.

Introduce yourself below:

Optimal Listening Instructions: Eyes shut, in a dark room, with headphones (turned way up obviously).