Check Out Sam Roberts Talk About Finding Hope, Play Some Songs in Intimate Setting

The Sam Roberts Band has been a staple in the Canadian music scene for quite some time now, as they have continued to produce quality music with each new album since their incredible debut We Were Born in a Flame. At the end of last year, the group released their sixth studio album, Terraform, which expands on the band’s unique sound while retaining the elements that have made them so beloved.

The band recently performed a private show in the Stiegl Hidden Studio, where they also talked about what the album meant to them. Watch as they perform three songs from Terraform (Terraform, FIEND, and Rogue Empire), plus Angola off 2014’s Lo-Fantasy.

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Grizzly Bear Shares Mysterious Video Teasing New Album

It’s nearly been five years since we’ve heard any new music from Grizzly Bear, but there does appear to be a follow-up to Shields taking shape. They have been working on a new album for about a year now, and yesterday released an untitled 30-second video which features some abstract shapes accompanied by equally abstract music. Admittedly, it’s not exactly much to go on, but hopefully, it leads to something more concrete shortly.

Check out the video.


Gorillaz’ Real-Life Spirit House Will Be Open for Visitation

Gorillaz highly-anticipated album Humanz is set for an April 28th release, but now there’s more to expect from the cartoon band. Upon the release of the band’s single “Saturn Barz”, an accompanying video was released titled “Spirit House”. The video is a psychedelic display that follows the group’s members – Murdoc, 2D, Russel, and Noodle – as they explore a sort of haunted house. Now, in partnership with Sonos, Gorillaz have announced that real-life spirit houses will be shown in a few cities around the world. You can experience these houses in Brooklyn from April 21st-23rd, in Berlin from April 28th-30th, and in Amsterdam on May 6th. The houses will feature exclusive music, digital projection, and custom artwork.

It is free to enter, but you must do so via an online form.

Check out the trailer and the Saturn Barz (Spirit House) Video.


Rivers Cuomo Will Be Releasing Another Japanese Album

The frontman of Weezer, Rivers Cuomo, is set to release an album of songs in Japanese. The project is one he started back in 2013 with Scott Murphy of pop-punk outfit Allister, and it now appears they enjoyed the experience enough to collaborate a second time. The album will be called ニマイメ, and is set for an April 12th release date, but only in Japan.

You can listen to two tracks off the upcoming record, “FUN IN THE SUN”, and “Doo Wop”.