In case you missed it, No Stories are an up and coming band from Columbia. Currently, they have two EP’s released, Let’s Get Away (2016) and Home (2014). The band has been playing since 2012 and will be doing a show here at Toronto’s Hard Rock Cafe as part of the CMW showcase on April 20th.


I was hooked on their sound the second I heard them. They sounded familiar in the best possible way. They were new to me but I felt like I already knew them. They were like a reminder of an old friend, like up until that point I didn’t know I missed them and now we hang out every chance we get. For me personally, few bands offer that kind of a listening experience. It’s not about how good they are, or their technical skill, or if they’ve got a major following. It always has been and always will be about the feeling you get when you hear a great melody. That’s what No Stories is for me. Pure Fun.

Introduce yourself below: