It’s All a Hot Blur

Back in 2014, I came across a band that would re-open pop music as a genre to me. With all the atonal nonsense pop that gets circulated these days, finding How Sad was like finding a diamond in the rough.

How Sad, based our of Montréal, is a project fronted by producer Harris Shpers. Musically, How Sad is driven by synths and drum machines, creating uplifting melodies and hooks that grab you from all sides. Lyrically, Shpers tends to venture in the complete opposite direction, which is something that really sets How Sad apart from other bands.


How Sad released their first full-length last year and have an EP that came out in 2013. I got hooked on this project the second I heard the chorus in Hot Blur, probably my favourite How Sad song. The verse builds up to it in the most perfect way imaginable. The song captures the essence of youth and all the conflicting emotions that come with it. In 2014, How Sad played a couple songs for The Wild Honey Pie‘s On The Mountain series. The performance was strong and you could really hear the passion in Shpers voice. Themes of youth and love pervade much of How Sad‘s music, especially songs like I Want To Be In Love, Young Couple and Grow Up. Pop, as a genre, is uniquely equipped to reflect these themes and the dreamy nature with which How Sad constructs their music highlights those themes in ways that are inescapable. You can’t help it. It makes you feel sad, and you’re glad that you do.

Essential Tracks: