Twenty One Pilots are one of the faster growing and  most successful alternative hip-hop bands today. The band is comprised of two musicians just south of the border from Columbus, Ohio; Josh Dun, drummer and percussionist, and Tyler Joseph, singer-songwriter and talented in several musical instruments. The duo plays a wide range of genres from rock to indie pop, to hip-hop. I was originally intrigued about this band because of their hip-hop and rock combination. The first song that I heard was Car Radio – one of their most popular songs. Other songs such as Lane Boy, Heavydirtysoul, Stressed Out, and Ode to Sleep, all include a similar fast-paced rap/rock combination, similar to a Beastie Boys genre. Regardless, the genre the duo have been creating is very good and we’re are all waiting for more!

The band we know today was created in 2010, but before Josh joined the band Tyler had formed the original band in 2009 with two of his college friends. The original band was not very successful. After releasing only one self-titled album they gained popularity in their state but not much else. The group disbanded in 2010 and that’s when Tyler came along. The duo immediately starting making music and in the summer of 2011, they release their ironically titled album Regional at Best. Later that year they performed a show in Columbus at Newport Music Hall, which has a capacity of approximately 1,700. This concert helped to kick start their career as it got the attention of many record labels. Nearing the end of 2011, Josh and Tyler decided to send, via their email newsletter, two unreleased songs, Two and famously recognized House of Gold. As a few years progressed and their popularity increased, they released their much-anticipated album titled Vessel in 2013. A song from the album titled Holding On to You hit 11 on the Billboard Top 100.


After taking a well-deserved tour where they opened for Fall Out Boy, playing major music festivals like Boston Calling, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza and guest-starring on numerous talk shows, the band got back to the drawing board and released Blurryface in May of 2015. The album was becoming more and more popular as the band continuously released single after single. When the full album was released, it received high praise from major critics and reached the Billboard Top 100. Since then, the group has won over 20 awards including a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Stressed Out and composed a song for the blockbuster film Suicide Squad, which later also turned out to be a major hit.


Currently, the band is still on tour and is looking to hit major cities across the United States, Europe, and Australia, which means they won’t be coming to Canada anytime soon, unfortunately. As for new music, the band is notorious for keeping their release dates secret, so it’s hard to look forward to what’s to come. To hold you over I would recommend listening to their two albums Vessel and Blurryface and watch some of their interviews on TV and Youtube, just to get a real taste of their personality and influences.