USS and Us

While alternative rock music is on the rise and new bands break out to change and revolutionize the genre, Torontonian band Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS) comes to remind us of both the past and present with their most recent album New World Alphabet.

N.W.A comes as the fifth album from the Canadian alt-rock band who has toured with other Canadian hit makers like Mother Mother and illScarlet. The band has taken home CASBY, CMW Indie, and COCA Awards and has been nominated for many others.

The duo grabs their audience with electric music (California Medication and Alien) and heavy beats (Work Shoes). While the album shifts between traditional alternative rock, electric pop-rock, and alternative indie slow songs, it is the ideal album to get you amped up.


Some of the best albums of today come from bands that resist any given archetype of theme or genre and curate authentic music while remaining true to their own sound. Of course, what is alternative rock music if not based in authenticity and resistance? But in this, the genre is often mistaken as needing to be serious, message driven, and cause reliant, but USS uses this album to remind us that is simply not true.

New World Alphabet may not feature the most powerful lyricism, there’s little poetry in the words and it doesn’t leave you wondering what any of it means – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t inspire, or keep our feet moving. In fact, the album pushes its audience to be resilient without overthinking – making it a perfect album for the gym, pre-parties, game days, and getting through the work day.