Chance the Rapper is the most iconic, diverse, talented, and currently the most successful rapper in the industry. Chancelor Bennett, 23, more commonly known by his stage name “Chance the Rapper” was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Chance is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Known most famously for his debut album “Acid Rap” and iconic Chicago White Sox and number 3 hats, Chance first rose to fame back in 2012 when rapper Childish Gambino asked the young stud to go on tour with him. It was after this tour that Chance released “Acid Rap.” The mixtape reached new heights as it was getting praise from recognizable critics like Billboard Top 100 and Rolling Stone Magazine. And since then, the Chicago native never looked back…


If you don’t know who Chance the Rapper is, or have never heard of him, then you’ve been living under a rock. The Chicago native has put in some incredible work producing three mix tapes – 10 day, Acid Rap, and Coloring Book – which have not gone unnoticed. Chance credits the influence of his music to rap legend and Chicago-born artist Kanye West, along with Prince, James Brown, Eminem, and gospel artist Kirk Franklin. Kanye and Chance actually crossed paths at Ottawa’s Blues Fest where Kanye influenced show-goers to attend his Chicago brother’s show, quoting that Chance was “one of the most talented new young artists” – and he wasn’t wrong. Since then Chance has been approached by a variety of artists like Future, to John Legend, Justin Bieber, and Skrillex.

Oh yeah… he’s an unsigned rapper too.


Chance’s music is very influential, which is what makes him such a unique rapper. While a lot of rap is predominately revolved around gang violence, drugs, and women, Chance sees rap as a way to speak to people. Chance is an activist that looks to inspire younger generations by promoting younger talent, expose the culture of Chicago, and stop gun violence with a hashtag that he created (SaveChigaco). In 2016, Chance met with President former at the White House to discuss criminal injustice affecting young black men, something he strongly believes in and preaches through his music. His activism is seen in his lyrics along with his gospel background, which can all be heard on his most recent mixtape “Colouring Book.”


If you watched the Grammy’s this past week then you were lucky enough to witness history. Chance, not only performed on the biggest music stage of the year but took home some hardware as well. The rapper earned three awards – Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance (“No Problems”) and Best Rap Album (Coloring Book). This was the first year that streaming-only albums were allowed to contend for the award, which deemed Chance the Rapper eligible for nomination. Chance became the first artist ever to bring home a Grammy for a streaming-only album.

Since then, Chance has had numerous labels approach him asking to sign with them… offering him 10 million dollars. But he has refused to sign with any of them. Chance was asked why, and he replied “There’s no reason to. It’s a dead industry.” So will Chance stay solo, or will he cave and just choose a label? Quite honestly I don’t think any of us care as long has he continues to write, produce, and rap the way he’s been doing for the past half-decade.

Chance the Rapper is going on tour and will make a stop in Toronto on May 24th… Go check him out.


“Chance the Rapper “Facts:

  • College Dropout by Kanye West was the first album Chance bought.
  • He earns most of his money from touring, streaming, and other business ventures
  • Chance is a father
  • The first artist to debut on the Billboard charts from streaming only
  • Chance is a part of a neo-soul jazz band called The Social Experiment
  • Chance became the first independent artist to perform on Saturday Night Live