The Mowgli’s third studio album Where’d Your Weekend Go? was released on October 26th, 2016. If you’ve never heard of these guys, they’re known for their uplifting indie pop songs and this album is no exception. I’d say this record is by far the best The Mowgli’s have released to date. The album is built around familiar themes we’ve all explored in our lives and to this effect the compilation of songs come together quite blissfully.

Where’d Your Weekend Go? explores the dynamic back-and-forth themes of single life and utter loneliness. I think what the album does best is getting listeners to contrast feelings of freedom and independence with loneliness and despair. It does so with buoyant songs that are far from being depressing on the surface. On the one hand this album gets us thinking that it’s nice to be single sometimes, to be freed of responsibility and commitment. This is exemplified in Alone Sometimes:

“man it feels good to be alone sometimes, God I gotta say those are my favorite nights.”

On the other hand, this freedom can often come at a price; it creates a sense of desolation. In Spiderweb the lyrics read:

“Don’t know what to do with myself, all alone in my head, stuck in a spiderweb”.

Paradoxically, the very thing that offers you freedom keeps you locked up in a dark cage by your lonesome with the key nowhere in sight.


I think what’s great about this album is its ability to get us to think about these important themes while keeping an upbeat momentum that builds throughout. While the outlook of the lyrics are generally on the bitter side of things, the songs themselves will genuinely make you feel happy. What the group has done here is strange, yet remarkably pleasing.

The Mowgli’s bring out the acoustic guitars for Arms & Legs as well as the ending song Open Energy. This offsets the pace of the album for a few minutes and hits us on another level. Arms & Legs brings something new to the table that I’ve never heard from The Mowgli’s. With a sort of Hey There Delilah-esque feel, Arms & Legs explores the desire to be with someone that you just aren’t meant to be with.


Guitarist and lead singer Josh Hogan takes lead vocals on the majority of the songs on this album, however Katie Earl (recently engaged to Hogan in October of 2016), chimes in on a few songs. The two complement each other quite well. The second track on the album, Spacing Out, begins with a velvety back-and-forth dialogue between the two that comes together with pleasant harmonies in the chorus. These harmonies are also on display in Freakin’ Me Out¸ where Katie joins in after the first couple solo verses by Josh.

Personally, my favourite song from this album is Monster. This song explores the inner-monster that lives inside us and decides to show its colors now and again. But beyond the lyrics, this is just a damn good song with an insanely catchy chorus that’ll get your groovin’ to the beat on the first listen.


Check out my favourite tracks from this album below and stay tuned for more content weekly.